My journey to photography began in school – I was a student at Brown University with aspirations to become a private banker for the Wu-Tang Clan. I interned with VIBE magazine, a local rapper, and an investment bank – a firm I later joined after graduating. Wall Street lead me from New York to Hong Kong, where I did another traumatizing tour in finance before quitting to hit the road and travel, and that’s when I started shooting. I shot for myself, to document my year of making up for lost time with friends and self introspection into my career and relationship  – y’know, the important stuff. By the end of it, I realized I had no tangible skills but that I really loved photography.

In 2009, I started photographing weddings and it was the most rewarding thing I could do with a camera. I was drawn to the convergence of a day with family and friends, and its ability to bring to the surface all the things that are important - love for each other, respect for our elders, reflection on the past and an excitement for the next chapter. Weddings break us down into our real selves. There is nothing more purposeful than being able to photograph that day in the most honest and real way I know how. It’s a privilege that I have, and I honor that by shooting genuine and authentic moments. Photos that will be looked at for generations, that you will show your children and say – this was us.

If that is how you’d like to have your wedding remembered, you need to holla right now.

I have photographed weddings in Hong Kong, Macau, Phuket, Koh Samui, Hawaii, NY, LA, ATL, Montreal and London. I grew up in New York City, and that will always be home, but I now live in Hong Kong with my wife and two children.