My name is Kenneth Lim and I am a Hong Kong wedding photographer. 

My journey with photography started in high school. I went to a Stuyvesant High School in downtown New York City - Stuyvesant was a uniquely large school with students from all over NYC's five boroughs. And so my clique (I did mention this was high school right) was correspondingly large and diverse. Towards the end of senior year, it dawned on me that my group of friends would disband to go to different universities across the country. My friends were everything to me, so I started photographing them. 

I forgot about photography in the years that followed. I went to college, and then Wall Street where I worked for five years - seemingly non-stop. Then I found myself taking time off to travel, see friends, and make up for lost time. I went back to photography, again to document the moments.  

Photography is my craft - I consider myself a creative but not so much an artist. I love the idea of photography as a craft - its historic, it is time honored, it is humbling and its even romantic.

Aside from photography, I am also a son, a husband, and a father. When I'm not working on my photography, I'm usually working on the other three.