Serena and Jonathan's Engagement Session in Central, Hong Kong


Serena and Jonathan first met in the UK but now live in Singapore. They met each other working together (another work couple!) at Industrial Light & Magic. I'm not much of a Star Wars fan but I do consider myself a bit of a movie buff and in my mind I can't think of many other cooler jobs than making movies at ILM. During one of their recent visits to Hong Kong we shot engagement photos around Central and I had to restrain myself from asking all sorts of gushy questions about their work. Fortunately they had no problems focusing on each other and ignoring me and my camera. In fact, for every location we stopped at it wouldn't be more than a minute before they were making each other laugh. I couldn't help but to think that this is how all engagement sessions should be - casual, simple and fun. Its a beautiful thing to see a couple that were naturally made for each other and a privilege to be able to photograph - very much looking forward to their Hong Kong wedding later this year!