The Unscripted Moment - My Favorite Wedding Photos from 2014

The year of the horse is over and in looking back I have to say it was an incredibly meaningful wedding season for me. It was my first year of photographing weddings since getting married myself, and I committed to bringing a fresh perspective to my wedding work. Part of that new approach was simplifying and going back to pure wedding photojournalism. In Hong Kong, its sometimes called "snapshot" wedding photography - but I think its way more than just snapping photos. Capturing the moment can be loud, over the top and ridiculous - but it can also be subtle, intimate and delicate. I've finally been able to look back on some of my favorite unscripted wedding moments from the last year. But this past year wouldn't have been possible without some seriously kind and generous brides and grooms I've had the privilege to shoot for. I get misty looking back on some these images and I hope they feel the same way. The whole experience has made me fall in love with photographing weddings all over again.