Hong Kong Pre-Wedding of YeeMan and Marcus in Peng Chau

Hong Kong Pre wedding photography Peng Chau Island outdoor portrait session couple in green trees hugging together

I must admit, I didn't know much about Peng Chau before, but when YeeMan and Marcus told me that this little island off of Lantau had a special place in their heart, I couldn't help but to take a trip there myself a few days early to scope out a few good locations. Peng Chau is a 30-40 min ferry ride from Central and I immediately loved shooting amongst its lush greenery, quaint sidestreets and humble beach waterfronts. The sun made it a bit hot for April but well worth it for clear skies and warm natural light. As a photographer, its a hard-to-describe-feeling when you get the opportunity to shoot at a new location that not only sings to you, but also puts the couple completely in their element. It makes me love Hong Kong even more and makes me wonder why we sometimes try to travel so far for pre-wedding - I can't wait to come back here!

Hong Kong Pre wedding photography Peng Chau Island outdoor portrait session couple kissing smiling having a good time
Hong Kong Pre wedding photography Peng Chau Island outdoor portrait session couple walking together holding hands smiling
Hong Kong Pre wedding photography Peng Chau Island outdoor portrait session couple sitting on stairs together
Hong Kong Pre wedding photography Peng Chau Island outdoor portrait session couple kissing under bridge
Hong Kong Pre wedding photography Peng Chau Island outdoor portrait session couple watching sunset together

Ming and Nick's Engagement Session in New York City

New York engagement photoshoot couple Brooklyn Bridge kissing

Earlier this summer, before Queenstown I was back in New York to see family and friends, and to shoot a few assignments. Homecoming is always a highlight of my year, and when I can combine that with a few NY wedding photography gigs - I'm pretty happy.

In July, I photographed Ming and Nick, who I first met when we were all young analysts in training nearly nine years ago. Ming and I grew up in Queens, and Nick from Australia. They had been dating throughout our years at the same firm, so I was so happy to hear the news of their engagement a few months ago.

For their engagement photos we woke up early to visit the Meatpacking District, the High Line and the Brooklyn Bridge. New York based wedding photographers probably shoot there all the time, but since I only get to shoot in NYC a few times a year - I was loving it. And despite the summer heat, I think they were too.

Really happy for you guys - can't wait for the wedding!

New York engagement photoshoot couple coffee outdoor
New York engagement photoshoot couple under bridge
New York engagement photoshoot leaning towards fiancee
New York engagement photoshoot overhead couple sitting
New York engagement photoshoot couple yellow wall taxi
New York engagement photoshoot couple sitting on railing

Serena and Jonathan's Engagement Session in Central, Hong Kong


Serena and Jonathan first met in the UK but now live in Singapore. They met each other working together (another work couple!) at Industrial Light & Magic. I'm not much of a Star Wars fan but I do consider myself a bit of a movie buff and in my mind I can't think of many other cooler jobs than making movies at ILM. During one of their recent visits to Hong Kong we shot engagement photos around Central and I had to restrain myself from asking all sorts of gushy questions about their work. Fortunately they had no problems focusing on each other and ignoring me and my camera. In fact, for every location we stopped at it wouldn't be more than a minute before they were making each other laugh. I couldn't help but to think that this is how all engagement sessions should be - casual, simple and fun. Its a beautiful thing to see a couple that were naturally made for each other and a privilege to be able to photograph - very much looking forward to their Hong Kong wedding later this year!


Stephanie and Adam’s Engagement Session in Hong Kong


Stephanie and Adam met each other in San Francisco while working at the same company (why don't more couples meet at work?!). They share an affinity for cupcakes, Din Tai Fung soup dumplings, and Adam does particularly well with picking up languages - including Cantonese. After recently moving to Hong Kong together, Stephanie and Adam began planning their destination wedding in Bali and they decided that their engagement photos should not only represent their new home city, but also properly welcome their overseas wedding guests to Asia on their save-the-dates and wedding invitations.

Here are some photos from our photoshoot in Wan Chai, Central and Tsim Sha Tsui.


Macy and Kenny's Pre-Wedding in London and Hong Kong Wedding at Union Church


Autumn is hands down my favorite season as cooler weather rolls in and for Hong Kong it also marks the beginning of wedding season (insert Elmer Fudd laugh: huh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh)! My season started with the wedding of Macy and Kenny, who had their ceremony at the Union Church on Kennedy Road in the Midlevels, and their reception at the Watermark in Central.

When they first met in the UK, Kenny was working in London and played tour guide for Macy who was visiting from Hong Kong. The friends that introduced them must have had some brilliant foresight because they eventually dated, settled in Hong Kong, and the rest is as they say, history =)

I had first met Macy and Kenny nearly a year earlier at my old studio space in Causeway Bay, when they were introduced to me as close friends of Natasha and Ben. I could tell they were super easy going as they talked about their wedding plans which included a touch of Chinese and Western traditions. I also felt that there was a very sentimental side to Macy and Kenny, which I later confirmed when they spontaneously decided to combine a trip back to the UK with a casual pre-wedding session to take some photos where they spent their earliest moments together.

Abbey Road


London Bridge, one of the first landmarks they visited.


Tower Hill Station, where they first met.


Wedding ceremony at Union Church


Watermark reception


Hong Kong Park