Yvonne and Michael's engagement - Central Park, New York

wedding couple walking down path of trees in Central Park

Before heading to Montreal to shoot Yvonne and Michael's wedding, I had a chance to grab both of them after work in New York on a Friday afternoon to take some engagement session photos. We decided to walk around what is probably one of the most photographed areas of the city, Central Park. But since I started my photography professionally after my move from New York, I never really had a chance to properly photograph it. So I was particularly excited to get some pre-wedding portraits with the green foliage background and various architecture that is much harder to find in Hong Kong.

We hung out around the Bethesda Fountain area, where Yvonne and Michael showed off their ballroom dance skills (I later found out that the waltz was rehearsal for their first dance)!

More to come from the wedding day shortly...


Pre-wedding session photo taken on a Central Park bench in New York City
wedding couple under arches of Bethesda Fountain