Stéphanie and James' wedding in Hong Kong

Stéphanie and James dancing

The first time I saw James was in 2008 when he was performing "hand filter" jokes on the stage of Hong Kong's TakeOut Comedy club. He was one of several awesome comedians that night serving up good old fashioned American humor. Little did I know that behind the funny man was an equally hilarious girlfriend named Stéphanie, and that they would eventually ask me to photograph their wedding which was last October. I also later learned that James is not only quite the romantic, but he does not easily shy away from public singing or lewd dancing.

You'll see what I mean in the shots below from their wedding day, which conveniently started down the street from the studio in their Causeway Bay apartment before moving to the American Club in Tai Tam for the ceremony and banquet =)


marry me painting
Stéphanie make-up
Chia putting on make-up
Wedding party crossing street in Causeway Bay
Stéphanie in her bedroom waiting
James singing and playing piano
Bride and groom at the American Club, Hong Kong
bride and groom in the mirror at the American Club Hong Kong
Wedding at the American Club terrace
the cracker jacks wedding ring box
Kissing the bride
Chinese wedding tea ceremony at the American Club
wedding cake shoved in groom's mouth
wedding first dance at American Club, Hong Kong
wedding family's dance at American Club, Hong Kong
wedding groom striptease at American Club HK
wedding dance floor, bride and groom
wedding dance floor shopping cart
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