Macy and Kenny's Pre-Wedding in London and Hong Kong Wedding at Union Church


Autumn is hands down my favorite season as cooler weather rolls in and for Hong Kong it also marks the beginning of wedding season (insert Elmer Fudd laugh: huh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh)! My season started with the wedding of Macy and Kenny, who had their ceremony at the Union Church on Kennedy Road in the Midlevels, and their reception at the Watermark in Central.

When they first met in the UK, Kenny was working in London and played tour guide for Macy who was visiting from Hong Kong. The friends that introduced them must have had some brilliant foresight because they eventually dated, settled in Hong Kong, and the rest is as they say, history =)

I had first met Macy and Kenny nearly a year earlier at my old studio space in Causeway Bay, when they were introduced to me as close friends of Natasha and Ben. I could tell they were super easy going as they talked about their wedding plans which included a touch of Chinese and Western traditions. I also felt that there was a very sentimental side to Macy and Kenny, which I later confirmed when they spontaneously decided to combine a trip back to the UK with a casual pre-wedding session to take some photos where they spent their earliest moments together.

Abbey Road


London Bridge, one of the first landmarks they visited.


Tower Hill Station, where they first met.


Wedding ceremony at Union Church


Watermark reception


Hong Kong Park


Natasha and Ben's wedding on the HK Star Ferry

Hong Kong wedding party walking on top of IFC

I first met Natasha and Ben over drinks in Central, nearly a year ago. Even for a Friday at the end of a long work week, Natasha was overflowing with energy which I later learned was completely normal. Ben, who is from the Midwest, told me about how Natasha, who is from HK, and his career path had lead him back to Asia years after they had first met as students in Inner Mongolia - first Singapore, Vietnam and eventually Hong Kong. Its crazy the stories that are behind how many of us find our way here.

Natasha and Ben LOVE Hong Kong, so last year when we planned their engagement session it wasn't hard to come up with some locations.

Hong Kong pre-wedding in Whitty Street Tram Depot
Engagement bride and groom in Central wet market
Hong Kong engagement session couple sitting on steps under bamboo scaffolding
Hong Kong wedding bands
Bridesmaids wedding prep in Hotel LKF
Hong Kong wedding bride putting on wedding dress

Fast forward to their wedding morning last April...

Groomsmen take taxi to Hong Kong wedding
HK wedding groom first sees bride
Hong Kong wedding bridesmaids
Hong Kong wedding party on IFC rooftop
Bride and groom on IFC rooftop
wedding flowers on star ferry
wedding guests on hong kong star ferry
groom awaits bride on hong kong star ferry
father walks bride down aisle on hong kong star ferry
bridesmaid cries during hong kong star ferry wedding
bride and groom at altar of star ferry wedding
bride and groom walk up HK ferry pier
Watermark Hong Kong wedding
Watermark Hong Kong wedding first dance
Watermark Hong Kong wedding first dance