Macy and Kenny's Pre-Wedding in London and Hong Kong Wedding at Union Church


Autumn is hands down my favorite season as cooler weather rolls in and for Hong Kong it also marks the beginning of wedding season (insert Elmer Fudd laugh: huh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh)! My season started with the wedding of Macy and Kenny, who had their ceremony at the Union Church on Kennedy Road in the Midlevels, and their reception at the Watermark in Central.

When they first met in the UK, Kenny was working in London and played tour guide for Macy who was visiting from Hong Kong. The friends that introduced them must have had some brilliant foresight because they eventually dated, settled in Hong Kong, and the rest is as they say, history =)

I had first met Macy and Kenny nearly a year earlier at my old studio space in Causeway Bay, when they were introduced to me as close friends of Natasha and Ben. I could tell they were super easy going as they talked about their wedding plans which included a touch of Chinese and Western traditions. I also felt that there was a very sentimental side to Macy and Kenny, which I later confirmed when they spontaneously decided to combine a trip back to the UK with a casual pre-wedding session to take some photos where they spent their earliest moments together.

Abbey Road


London Bridge, one of the first landmarks they visited.


Tower Hill Station, where they first met.


Wedding ceremony at Union Church


Watermark reception


Hong Kong Park


Wendy and CK's wedding in Hong Kong

HK wedding bride in white dress

Last November, in the middle of last year's Hong Kong wedding season I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Wendy and CK. Wendy and I first met over drinks - we were introduced by her piano teacher who is also a good friend of mine. CK, the groom, has been a film photography enthusiast for years, but now he shoots with a Nikon D700. So yeah, we get along well =)

Wendy has been one of those invaluable supporters of mine that I mentioned in an earlier blog post, particularly with tidbits of legal advice as I was rummaging through paperwork to get my business started. So I really wanted to get a ton of great shots on her wedding day. Fortunately, the bride and groom choose some beautiful venues for their wedding day: prep at the Upper House, ceremony at Union Church and reception and tea ceremony at China Club.

wedding prep at Upper House in Admiralty, Hong Kong

The Upper House, Pacific Place

Hong Kong bride getting ready
Hong Kong groom getting ready
Hong Kong wedding bride wedding shoes under dress
Chinese bride putting on wedding dress
Hong Kong wedding bride leaving to chapel

Union Church, Midlevels

Hong Kong wedding flowers at Union Church
Hong Kong wedding program at Union Church
Pre-Wedding prayer at Union Church
Hong Kong groom waits for his bride
Hong Kong wedding, father gives away daughter
Hong Kong wedding exchange of rings
Union Church wedding in Hong Kong, Pastor Greg Anderson
Union Church wedding, group photo

China Club, Central

China Club, Hong Kong
China Club staircase in Central, Hong Kong
Bride and father at China Club wedding banquet
HK China Club wedding banquet, family smiling
Chinese wedding couple at Hong Kong banquet
HK wedding couple at China Club, in front of stained glass 1
HK wedding couple at China Club, in front of stained glass 2
Hong Kong newlyweds kissing in the library room of China Club

...and one more portrait at Upper House before the night ended.

HK wedding couple kissing at Upper House boutique hotel
HK newlywed couple kissing at Upper House boutique hotel