Maternity and newborn baby portrait session

black and white photo of pregnant mother before and after birth

A few years ago, I met Stephanie in Hong Kong while photographing an event in Central. Like me, her and her husband Tom's move to Hong Kong from the US marked a chapter in their developing careers. Earlier this year, Stephanie was 7-months pregnant and had asked me to help photograph a maternity portrait session in her home. We took our time to plan our shots which would eventually be slightly fine-art in nature and a little less photojournalistic than my other portraiture.

Last April, in the early hours of Sunday morning, Stephanie gave birth to beautiful baby Gabriel. Here are some of the pregnancy and newborn baby shots (taken at 8 weeks).

pregnant mother at home with her family photos
Hong Kong father holding newborn baby laughing
Hong Kong mother holding newborn baby boy
black and white photo of newborn baby boy and mother facing each other
black and white photo holding small baby feet