Dan's Hong Kong marriage proposal

light rail station marriage proposal, kissing

Some time ago, Dan moved back to Hong Kong from the US to spend more time with his family. While in HK he volunteered in community service where he met his girlfriend, Eros. Last month I received an inquiry from Dan to photograph one of the most intimate moments between him and Eros - he was going to propose.

Although I was excited about the assignment right away, I have to admit that the task became more than it seemed, since Dan wanted everything to be a surprise - the proposal, the photos - everything. So we spent several hours walking through location scouting, vantage points, timing, and even strategically placed roses before the big day. I started to appreciate the significance of the moment and the responsibility I had to capture it.

When the time finally came - I was in position, my 2nd shooter was in position, and Dan and Eros sat casually on a bench just as we had choreographed. Dan was cool as a cucumber (did I mention he was a pro poker player?), but I on the other hand, was overwhelmed with anticipation, emotion, and of course pressure to get the shot while staying unseen. It was an incredible moment to be a part of. Here are the photos =)

Lung Mun light rail station

Dan chose to propose at the light rail station platform where they had first kissed...

Hong Kong marriage proposal one knee

Dan takes a knee to propose

HK marriage proposal, say yes
Hong Kong marriage, say yes crying
HK marriage proposal grabbing red rose
HK marriage proposal red rose
HK wedding proposal red rose
Hong Kong proposal on steps

She said yes =) a carefully placed red rose (you can see it hiding out in the earlier shots) Looking forward to the wedding =)